At Umalis Group, we embrace a vision of wage portage that places a strong emphasis on human connection and collaboration. We firmly believe that fruitful relationships and new perspectives emerge from this union. Our unwavering commitment is geared towards enabling you to focus serenely on your professional missions and personal life.

A Strong Relationship When you join Umalis Group as an independent consultant, you gain a significant advantage: a dedicated personal advisor who accompanies you at every step of your journey. This individual understands your expectations, comprehends your challenges, and respects your preferences. Their primary goal is to save you time and lighten the daily burden that often comes with the life of an independent worker.

We place great importance on the stability of our team of advisors. On average, our advisors stay by your side for 3 years, ensuring a strong and enduring relationship.

Collaboration for Success

At Umalis Group, we believe in the power of collective collaboration. We understand that talent thrives even more when it's shared. Thus, even if you operate as an independent worker, you will never be alone in your quest for success. Our vision is to provide you with a dynamic and supportive network.

Umalis Group brings together a community of over 10,000 independent professionals. This means that you have the opportunity to collaborate, exchange ideas, and discover new opportunities within this vast community.

Partnership with As a strategic partner, Umalis Group has teamed up with to offer our consultants even more innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Thanks to this partnership, our consultants benefit from increased exposure and personalized support to optimize their profiles and secure more missions.

Pursuit of excellence

We measure the satisfaction of our consultants every month, allowing us to gather their feedback. These insights are essential for our continuous improvement efforts and for providing the best wage portage conditions.

Protection of Ported Employees

We firmly believe in the need to promote best practices in the wage portage sector. That's why we actively contributed to the development of an AFNOR standard aimed at enhancing transparency, reliability, and security in the industry. As signatories of the FEPS values charter, we adhere to the syndicate's code of ethics, signifying our commitment to ethically and transparently support each ported employee.

Innovation at the Heart of our future Umalis Group is committed to open innovation.

We collaborate with startups and innovative entities to anticipate the sector's evolving needs and implement suitable solutions. This means that we are in a constant state of evolution to meet the changing market demands.

Project Accelerator Umalis Group offers thousands of exciting missions to our consultants. We have also developed , a service that connects independent workers with companies, making it easier to find projects aligned with your skills.

Well-being of Independent Workers

We understand that the well-being of independent workers is crucial. That's why we created, a space designed specifically for you. It's a place where you can work, recharge, and envision the future of work in an environment conducive to creativity and productivity.

At Umalis Group, we are deeply committed to your success as an independent worker. Our human-centric approach, our dedication to collaboration, our partnership with, and our relentless pursuit of excellence make us the ideal partner for your professional journey. Join us today to discover a new way of approaching wage portage. The future is now.


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